MantelMount - SSB40 Single Stud Wall Adapter

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Compatible with the MM340 Standard Mount, the MM540 Enhanced Mount and the RB100 Recess Box, the SSB40 serves as a direct replacement for the included wall plate when it can't reach your existing stud placement. Customers with a single stud centered in the intended mounting area can attach the SSB40 to our lifting arm the same as the wall plate, but the adapter has mounting hole configurations specifically for these single stud installations, as well as installations to large posts or beams (common with outdoor patio installations). 

NOTE: The SSB40 must be paired with an AB40 Adapter Bracket if mounting an MM340 Standard Mount or an MM540 Enhanced Mount to a horizontal surface such a a cubby hole or recessed alcove, or if serving as pass through support for thin brick facades or simulated foam "stone" panels that can't support the weight of a MantelMount independently. The SSB40 is not needed with an MM700 Pro Mount. 

NOTE 2: The SSB40 is also needed as a mounting pattern adapter if recessing the MM340 or MM540 mounts with the RB100 Recess Box. 

Specifications: Upper Bracket - Length 260.35 mm, Width 163 mm, Height 2.5 mm. Lower Bracket - Length 25 mm, Width 163 mm, Height 2.5 mm. Weight: 3.4 lbs. 

• Compatible with the MM340 Mount, MM540 Mount and RB100 Recess Box. 
• For installation with a center stud. a beam, or to adapt the AB40 Adapter Bracket or the RB100 Recess Box.  
• Use 3 Center Lag Bolts for center stud installation 
• Use 4 Corner Lag Bolts for Post or Beam installation
• Matte Black Powder Coated to match MantelMount

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