MantelMount - SBXL Sound Bar Adapter XL

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The MantelMount SBXL Sound Bar Adapter accommodates more soundbars than the bracket that comes standard with the MM540, MM700, MM750 and MM860 in that its compatible with wider, taller or smaller soundbars.The MantelMount SBXL consists of two universal soundbar brackets that fit most flat panel TVs and soundbar models.

  • Two universal soundbar brackets compatible with most flat and curved screen TVs.
  • It can accommodate soundbars that are larger than 5" tall and have mounting holes that are farther apart than 29".
  • Maximum load of 20 pounds.
  • A second person will be required to assist with installation.
  • The SBXL can be mounted either above or below the television.

NOTE: If you have or are ordering the MM340 Standard Mount, this is a terrific accessory choice as the MM340 does not include any sound bar attachment like our other mounts. 

NOTE: If you have or are ordering the MM700/750 Pro Mounts, you would only need this accessory if your sound bar is either wider than 29” or more than 5” tall OR if you want to mount your sound bar ABOVE your television. 

NOTE: If mounting the SBXL underneath the bottom of the television, the SBXL mounting holes must be a minimum of 2.5" from the bottom of the soundbar or else you may have to forego installing the MantelMount pull down handle.

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