MantelMount - RB100 Recess Box

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This simple-to-install MantelMount add-on accessory allows you to integrate seamlessly into a custom-built wall opening. Easily fitting between standard or custom stud configurations, the RB100 provides the flushest TV-to-wall storage on the market by allowing the MantelMount center arm to now fold into the wall when the TV is in the raised position. The result is concealed mounting hardware and a 1.8 inch flush-to-wall TV storage! (For Models MM340, MM540 and MM700)

• 1.8" Flush To Wall Mounting
• Simple To Install
• Easily Fits Between Studs
• Concealed Mounting Hardware
• Center Arm Folds Into Wall
• Paintable Covers for Braces

NOTE: If recessing the MM340 or MM540 with the RB100 Recess Box, you will also need to purchase the SSB40 Adapter to connect the mount to the box. The MM700 integrates directly with the RB100 and does not need the SSB40 adapter. 

NOTE: If recessing the MM540 with the RB100 Recess Box, maximum swivel is 35 degrees in both directions. The swivel extender kit included with the MM540 will not will not be usable if the mount is recessed. 

NOTE: If your wall has a wider than average stud placement, the RBE10 Recess Box Extenders accessory can be used with the RB100 Recess Box to reach studs up to 34 inches apart. 

NOTE:  A TV at least 32 inches in height should entirely conceal the recess box when in the raised position. For TV's shorter than 32 inches in height, you may see a portion of the recess box when the TV is raised.

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