MantelMount - PE40 Extended Wall Plates

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The MantelMount PE40 Extended Wall Plates are a direct replacement for installations in which the wall studs are more than 16 inches apart. Our MM340 Standard Mount and MM540 Enhanced Mounts have wall plates designed for standard 16 inch on-center studs. However, sometimes the studs in the wall are further apart. The PE40 Extended Wall Plates attach to the lifting arm the same way the standard wall plate does, but they can reach studs that are up to 32 inches apart. The wall covers included with the MM540 will still attach to these extended wall plates. (For Models MM340 and MM540)


  • Compatible with MM340 and MM540
  • Reaches studs up to 32 inches apart. 
  • Fit under paintable wall covers
  • Screws into vertical studs with lag bolts
  • Matte Black Powder Coated to Match MantelMount
  • Dimensions: Length 863.6 mm, Width 72 mm, Height 2.5 mm

Note: The MM700 Pro Mount doesn’t need the extended brackets because the wall plate is 37.5” wide and can hit studs that are 24” on center. 

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