Lorex Home Center with Two 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras

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More than a security system, the center of your home

The all-in-one Lorex Home Center simplifies your home monitoring experience with its intuitive touch smart display. You can also use your voice to perform simple commands, such as:

"Lorex, show me all outdoor cameras"
"Lorex, show me what happened yesterday at the 'front door' camera"
"Lorex, show me all people* at the 'front door' camera between 2 and 3pm"
"Lorex, turn on warning lights on all outdoor cameras"
"Lorex, turn privacy mode on for all indoor cameras"

Bring it all together with the Lorex Home Center. This revolutionary home monitoring solution puts the controls firmly in your hands with its simple touch screen interface. View and customize the two included Smart Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security Cameras using the Lorex Home Center or use our new "Lorex Voice™ Assistant" to conveniently access and control your cameras with just the sound of your voice. The Wi-Fi cameras are our first Wi-Fi cameras featuring our Color Night Vision technology, and also include motion motion activated LED lights, two-way talk, and a siren you can trigger right from your Lorex Home Center if you see anything suspicious. The Lorex Home Center is a versatile hub designed to provide you with easy security while maintaining maximum privacy. This center also allows you to add further wireless cameras, devices and accessories to build the perfect security system for your home.

Control and access all compatible Lorex devices

Control features with the intuitive 7-inch touch display*.

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