SANUS Ultimate in-Wall Cable Management Kit for Mounted TV & Soundbar

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Ultimate In-wall Cable Management Kit for Mounted TV & Soundbar


This SANUS ultimate in-wall cable management kit for mounted TV & soundbar includes soundbar & TV wire management and easily conceals power, HDMI, optical, and other low-voltage wires behind the wall. Features in-wall rated power cables that provide up to 8' of length between the upper and lower modules.  The brush-style grommets route all your low-voltage cables from TV, to soundbar, to outlet without damaging or kinking them - the brush design holds cables without letting them slip back behind the wall during installation. No need for any electric tools during this install, all you need is a drywall saw, which we include, a few screwdrivers and a tape measure. Within 30 minutes you'll have your cables routed behind the wall and your wall mounted TV & soundbar powered and ready to watch.


Product Features

  1. In-wall power kit hides all of your cables to power and connect your components for the ultimate soundbar and wall mount cable management solution
  2. Included pre-wired in-wall rated power cables have been safety tested and meet national code requirements
  3. Easy DIY 30-minute installation, no power tools required! You just need a few basic household tools and a drywall saw, which we include in the box
  4. Use the included templates to cut holes, insert wall modules, and use a screwdriver to tighten the modules securely to the drywall
  5. Dual outlet design allows you to power both a TV and small component or media device in upper module behind wall mounted TV
  6. In-wall cable pass through design easily handles 4 large HDMI cables with room for more low-voltage cables
  7. For a streamlined look, we include covers for each module that are paintable to blend in effortlessly with your homes decor
  8. Soundbar module features a short and slim profile to provide discreet soundbar cable management

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