MantelMount - AB40 Adapter Bracket

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The AB40 Adapter Bracket can serve as a horizontal adapter, providing a 90-degree bridge between the wall plate and the TV mount lifting arm. This allows the wall plate to lay flat on a horizontal surface such as a large shelf or inside a recessed alcove. 

Another application for the AB40 Adapter Bracket is as a pass-through support when mounting to thin brick facades or simulated stone panels made from foam, neither of which are strong enough to support the weight of a MantelMount. 

NOTE: The AB40 will also require the purchase of the SSB40 Single Stud Adapter to provide the correct mounting holes if mounting an MM340 Standard Mount or the MM540 Enhanced Mount to a horizontal surface or stone/brick facade. The MM700 Pro mount attaches directly to the AB40 Adapter Bracket and does not require the SSB40. 

Specifications: Length 310 mm, Front Width 163.5 mm, Side Width 179 mm, Height 2.5 mm, Weight: 5 lbs. 

• Serves as a horizontal adapter for the MM340, MM540 and MM700
• Used as pass-through support on Stone/Brick facades for MM340, MM540, MM700.
• Matte Black Powder Coated to match MantelMount
• Used in conjunction with the SSB40 Adapter for an MM340 or MM540
• Includes Adapter Bracket, Adapter Brace, (10) Hex Bolt M8 x 1.25 x 15mm, (10) Lock Nut M8 x 1.25mm. 

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