Notification and Alerts delivered to your phone every time the smoke detectors goes off. Or an alert that water leak as been was detected in a certain room of you're home. With home automation, everyone's life becomes more safe.


Keep a closer eye on your home and keep it secure at all times. You'll get notifications when motion is detected in your home. You will receive alerts that your front door has been unlocked when you weren't expecting anyone.


Home Automation works efficiently and saves you money on your utilities. Automating your home with smart lighting, which can turn on or off at a set time. This also includes smart thermostats that save energy, by turning on when it's need to based on the homes enviroment.


Convenience in the palm of your hands, view alerts and monitor your home from afar. Turn your lights on and off with the touch of a button, ask Alexa to start your vacuum. You can unlock your front door from anywhere in the world. Make your life safer and more smarter with home automation!


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